Intrigue Blue single use face mask - 50pcs/pack

Product Code: 21030

Highly effective surgical style, everyday blue, non-medical face mask, size 17.5x9.5cm

3 layers of tested non-woven fabric, that highly filtered, breathable and fresh;

Protect you and others from droplet, aerosols, pollutants, pollen;

High bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥90%

Conformed to Standard GB/T32610-2016

Recommended by many authorities in the world when social distancing is not possible  

-       When you are unwell, and you are possible to spread

-       When you deal with the vulnerable, such as those fell in sick or in self-isolation, or anyone with potential infectious risk

-       When in public transport, shops and any community where close contact is not avoidable;

-       Wearing mask, when they are available, is more important when/if there are many in the community that might become infectious, but without symptom.  

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